Morpho’s CTX™ systems: a Newark success story

Developed in the 1990s, Morpho’s CTX™ systems detect potential threats in passenger checked baggage with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Their success comes not only from technology they use, but also from the expertise of the teams in Newark, California.
CTX production in Newark

CTX production in our Newark facility

With nearly 2,000 CTX EDS systems deployed worldwide, Morpho is the global leader in hold baggage explosives detection technology. "Computed Tomography (CT) technology images objects in 3-D, but more importantly, it can evaluate their density, and therefore identify their composition more accurately," explains Nikhil Karnik, Director of Explosive Detection System (EDS) Platforms at Morpho Detection, Inc.

North America is home to approximately 75 percent of all CTX systems currently in use, with the European Union accounting for 15 percent followed by Asia with a little over 10 percent. The 9/11 attacks triggered increased interest in CT scanning and accelerated adoption of these highly efficient systems. As a result, Morpho saw demand initially skyrocket from 2002-2005.

Recently, CTX systems have entered the Chinese market, and are currently deployed at the country's largest hub airports. "We lead the Chinese market," continues Karnik. "That gives us an advantage not only for the present, but also for the future. China is one of those countries in which the decisions made by regulators influence the global market and, at the same time, decides the fate of competing companies." With three products from the CTX range already certificated, Morpho can look forward confidently to the future.

In March 2013, Morpho announced the purchase of 13 high-speed CTX 9800™ DSi by Tokyo's Narita International airport – bringing the total number of Morpho CTX EDS units in service there to approximately 40. So CTX systems continue to attract a loyal following amongst the world's leading airports!

A complete range
There are five models in the CTX range. The compact CTX 5800™ is ideal for small- and mid-sized airports looking to take advantage of CT technology to plan for emerging threats and future expansion. At the other end of the range, the high-speed CTX 9800™ DSi is capable of screening more than 1,000 bags per house (BPH). Select countries combine Morpho's CTX 9000™ DSi or CTX 9400™ DSi with the X-ray diffraction-based XRD 3500™, creating the Morpho System of Systems, the most advanced checked baggage explosives detection system (EDS) available.


Computed Tomography has already replaced x-ray equipment in many countries. We are particularly interested in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, because these are the markets we believe will offer the greatest opportunities over the next three years.

Nikhil Karnik, Head of Exploxive Detection Systems (EDS)


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