Morpho’s Itemiser DX Trace Detector Selected by United Airlines for Air Cargo Screening

Contract for 54 ETD systems to enhance screening capabilities, meet new TSA security mandates.
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Morpho (Safran), through its subsidiary Morpho Detection, today announced that United Airlines has ordered a total of 54 Itemiser® DX desktop explosives trace detectors (ETD) to screen air cargo for explosives. Under terms of the contract, all systems were deployed domestically and internationally at United Cargo locations to replace legacy systems and maintain compliance with enhanced U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) cargo screening mandates.

"Morpho is pleased United has selected the Itemiser DX for enhanced air cargo screening," said Karen Bomba, president and CEO, Morpho Detection. "The ability of Itemiser DX to detect and identify explosives in challenging environments, combined with Morpho's global service teams, gives air cargo companies the capability to maintain regulatory compliance while ensuring peak performance and maximum system uptime." A lightweight, portable desktop system, Itemiser DX can detect residue from explosives on parcels, bags, cargo, skin, clothing, vehicles and other surfaces. "United's number one priority and goal is the safety and security of our passengers, employees, equipment and cargo," said Angel Ramirez, Managing Director, United Cargo Global Operations. 

First qualified for air cargo screening in 2010 and certified by six global regulatory agencies, more than 3,000 Itemiser DX units have been deployed to air cargo screening facilities, airport checkpoints, checked baggage screening and secure locations around the world.

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Working with Morpho allows us to maintain the highest level of cargo screening effectiveness without impacting the efficiency of our operations.

Angel Ramirez, Managing Director, United Cargo Global Operations   


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