MorphoTablet™: the Secure, Multifunction Biometric Tablet

Following an exclusive sneak peak at the 2013 Cartes and Milipol exhibitions, MorphoTablet™ was officially launched in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Offering security and mobility, the multifunction biometric device is shaping up to be a big commercial success.

With 560 million citizens already enrolled in a national biometric database as part of the ground-breaking Aadhaar project, India is on its way to providing easier and more secure access to administrative services for its residents. But the initiative can only succeed if government agencies and businesses have a simple and secure way to access the database and authenticate people. This is one of the reasons why Morpho has developed a multifunction biometric touchscreen device: MorphoTablet™.

A secure biometric tablet
At first glance, MorphoTablet™ could be mistaken for a regular touchscreen device running on Android, with a 7-inch display and cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. But what sets it apart are its two biometric sensors: a high-definition camera, and a fingerprint reader certified by both the FBI (PIV IQS(*) compliant) and the STQC(**). MorphoTablet™ can also read smartcards (contact and contactless) and NFC chips. Lastly, it features a host of cryptographic and security options: for example, if stolen, the device's memory is deleted after the first unsuccessful hacking attempt.
"In India, MorphoTablet™ will be of tremendous interest to Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Telecom firms," says Ujjwal Sabharwal, Head of Product Management for the Indian market. They will be able to acquire the data needed to open an account not only in their offices or branches, but also at customers' doorsteps. At Mobile World Congress, the tablet was well received by mobile industry professionals. Its advantage: Mobile operators will be able to cut through the mounds of paperwork and sign up new customers in total security. "Businesses and government agencies are all really excited about MorphoTablet™. We are the first to offer this sort of technology."

Numerous markets
Beyond India, a number of markets are showing interest in MorphoTablet™. "We're going to market it particularly in Latin America and Africa," explains Arnaud Duparc, Product Manager for Mobile Solutions at Morpho. "A major South-American bank is planning to go out and sign up new customers using our biometric tablet. The applications are endless, MorphoTablet™ can be used to verify people's identities in a wide variety of situations and environments: benefit payments, school tests, medical exams, access to transports, events or secure areas, etc. "MorphoTablet™ could be used during elections to authenticate voters and generate real-time turnout statistics. Electoral staff could carry out all the necessary administrative tasks using a single device (registering data, reading ID cards, sending electoral data, etc)."
Other promising targets for MorphoTablet™ include police and security forces, which can benefit from the versatility of the device. "We expect MorphoTablet™ to be a hit with the police because they'll be able to replace a number of specific mobile terminals by a single device with enhanced capabilities," says Arnaud Duparc.

(*) PIV IQS: Personal Identify Verification – Image Quality Specifications. As part of a program to secure access to American federal agencies, the FBI has defined stringent requirements for fingerprint image quality. This certification has set the standard worldwide and confirms the capabilities of Morpho's fingerprint readers.

(**) STQC: Standardization, Testing and Quality Certification Directorate for Government of India's Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the UIDAI.

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