MorphoTrak Deploys Morpho Mobile Devices to National Capital Region Police for On-the-spot Assessments

Alexandria, Va., May 30, 2012

When making roadside traffic stops, patrol officers in the U.S. National Capital Region are now able to quickly determine if the individuals they face pose a potential threat because of their criminal past or can be safely and confidently cited and released. The latest tool in their identification arsenal is MorphoIDent, a mobile terminal developed by Morpho (Safran group) that fits in a shirt pocket and can capture unique fingerprint images in the field. MorphoIDent provides an intuitive user interface and a large color screen that is clearly visible outdoors.

Agencies in Fairfax, Prince William and other Virginia counties have ordered 220 of the new MorphoIDent mobile identification terminals from MorphoTrak. These mobile devices are assisting law enforcement in many situations, including:
- Clearing someone with the same name as another person
- Eliciting a suspect to be truthful when a "HIT" is returned
- Confirming identification of incapacitated individuals

The MorphoIDent captures two fingerprint images per subject and sends it to the police agency's fingerprint database for search. The search response returns in less than a minute and the MorphoIDent vibrates to indicate to the officer that results are available. The knowledge gained if there is a fingerprint match allows the officer to deal more appropriately with the subject. If there is no match, the print is discarded and the officer sends the individual on his way.

Because of its many uses and ability to provide on-the-spot results, mobile identification in the field is quickly becoming "mission critical": an indispensable tool for patrol officers.

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About MorphoTrak
MorphoTrak, Inc., a US subsidiary of Morpho (Safran group), provides biometric and identity management solutions to a broad array of markets in the U.S. including law enforcement, border control, identity cards, civil identification, and facility/IT security.. Reporting to Morpho, MorphoTrak is part of the world's leading provider of biometric solutions. Morpho is a leading innovator in large fingerprint identification systems, facial and iris recognition, as well as secure credentials. With over 35 years' experience, Morpho has captured more than 3 billion fingerprints and Morpho products are used by more than 450 government agencies in over 100 countries. MorphoTrak is headquartered near Washington D.C., with major corporate facilities in Anaheim CA, Concord CA, Albany NY, and Federal Way WA.

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