MorphoTrust Brings Convenience of TSA Pre✓™ Enrollment to Employers’ Doorsteps

New Mobile Program Provides On-Site Corporate Enrollment for Travelers

Organizations whose employees or members are frequent travelers can now offer a new perk: onsite enrollment in TSA Pre✓™, which provides faster, more efficient screening at participating U.S. airport checkpoints for domestic and international travel.

MorphoTrust USA (Safran), a leading provider of identity solutions and services, introduced the innovative mobile enrollment service to support the Transportation Security Administration (TSA's) goal of expanding the number of travelers served by the TSA Pre✓™ program. MorphoTrust already provides enrollment services for travelers at more than 300 locations, including at major airports and at off-airport IdentoGO® Centers by MorphoTrust. MorphoTrust is making the new mobile enrollment program available to a wide range of organizations, including universities, trade associations, sports teams and travel companies. Time Warner, CBS Corporation, DirecTV, St. Jude Medical, Tufts University, The TJX Companies, NBA, and MLB Network are just some of the early customers that have utilized the new mobile enrollment service from MorphoTrust to sign up employees and members for TSA Pre✓™, and have found it to be a valuable addition to their benefits programs.

"Since being selected by the TSA as the service provider for its Universal Enrollment Service, MorphoTrust has sought innovative ways to increase conveniences for Americans seeking identity-related services," said Charles Carroll, MorphoTrust's senior vice president for identity services. "We operate centers in 50 states and 4 U.S. territories and process more than 3 million people in them each year. Once TSA Pre✓™ was established, we looked at the needs of employers and other organizations with frequent travelers and designed a mobile enrollment program for them. We are thrilled with the initial excitement about the service and looking to roll it out to many more organizations in the months ahead."

As a part of the mobile program, MorphoTrust's dedicated enrollment services t eam will partner with organizations to schedule enrollment days; publicize the benefit with a communications plan and signage for lobbies and other high traffic areas; and provide a secure, custom branded web portal to pre-enroll individuals and schedule on-site appointments. On enrollment days, trained agents set up secure workstations in conference rooms or other common spaces to record biographic data and fingerprints, which are securely transmitted to the TSA for processing. An $85 application fee, set by the TSA, can be paid by applicants or by their employers. Once approved,travelers receive a KnownTraveler Number ("KTN"), which is printed on their boarding passes and gives them access to TSA Pre✓™ lines.

Enrollment is valid for five years.

About MorphoTrust USA
MorphoTrust USA (Safran) is "The Identity Company," providing market-leading solutions and services to state and federal agencies as well as businesses that simplify, protect and secure the lives of Americans.
The company's offerings help ensure individuals are who they claim to be through the use of document authentication, data verification and biometric identification (face, fingerprints, iris and skin). Forty-two of 50 states use MorphoTrust solutions to produce 80% of the U.S. driver licenses and IDs – the documents citizens rely on to exercise their civil rights, gain access to benefits and services, and ensure trusted transactions while reducing fraud and enhancing national security. Other programs include U.S. passports and passport cards, as well as solutions for border management, public safety, banking and travel.
MorphoTrust serves consumers through a nationwide network of 1100 IdentoGO® Centers, delivering fingerprinting and other identity-related services to over 3 million customers annually.

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