Optimized and efficient: Morpho’s SIMply One card

Today’s mobile phones challenge network operators on a very particular level. The times have passed when all mobile phones demanded just one form factor of a SIM card: Today there are three different sizes of SIM plug-ins in common use. With Morpho’s SIMply One card, this challenge is easily mastered, as it combines all form factors into one card to contribute to a new chapter of SIM history.

In the beginning…
Over the years the subscriber identity module has gone through various form factor changes. Following general trends in all technologies, the SIM card has become smaller and smaller. Not too many years ago, mobile network operators did not have to worry about which form factor fit into which mobile phone. The first card Morpho delivered in 1991 was credit card-sized; its successor, the 2FF (plug-in), shrank to 25 x 15 millimeters. Anyone who thought that the following third generation (3FF, also called micro-SIM) is tiny at 15 x 12 millimeters was sure to be surprised: Today the industry has deployed the smallest form factor ever, the 4FF SIM – also called "Nano-SIM whose dimensions are 12,3 x 8,8 millimeters."

When three become one
This evolution of SIM cards caused some worry lines to appear on the foreheads of MNO managers. They were now confronted with the challenge of accurately forecasting how many 2FF, 3FF and 4FF cards they needed to purchase and distribute to retailers to ensure that customers had the right sizes to fit their different handsets, and to provide the right option for all of the SIM-only purchases customers make.

The industry's first response was to develop cards that combine 2FF and 3FF. But problems remained with the 4FF, which has a different thickness. The development of Morpho's SIMply One solves all these problems at once. It combines 2FF, 3FF and 4FF plug-ins into one single card. The plug-ins are manufactured in such a clever way that they all nest together. In terms of card thickness, SIMply One is in line with ISO and ETSI specification for all included formats.

Watch out for the next step in evolution
With SIMply One, Morpho has created a flexible combination of 2FF, 3FF and 4FF in one physical card. But the evolution process doesn't stop there. As a high technology company, Morpho is always eager to keep things in balance and leave a green footprint. SIMply One is already an important step in the right direction, but Morpho's latest innovation is another SIM milestone: SIMply One Half Size. With a half-sized SIM card the amount of plastic used is literally cut in half. This crowns our green achievements by offering all available form factors on one half-sized SIM card.

Gwen Edwards, Global Marketing Director, Telecom Business Unit at Morpho Business Solutions Division, emphasizes the benefits of this all-in-one card: "Morpho is proud to have been able to develop a solution that meets all the current needs and expectations of our customers. Our SIMply One card conforms to all specifications and tolerances while also incorporating the thickness tolerances of all the combinations. SIMply One and SIMply One Half Size provide valuable benefits: They guarantee an optimized supply chain for mobile operators, as they reduce the card variants in stock and enable them to optimize their logistics. In addition, customers are given the flexibility to choose the right option."

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