PleexSuite: Innovative Content Management, Social Networking and Protection Service for your Mobile


Significant developments are taking place in today's mobile world. The number of communicating devices is steadily rising, and the volume of mobile content stored and shared is growing even faster – especially for music and video. In light of this, it comes as no surprise that the end user is looking for simple ways to manage and protect content while also demanding full device flexibility. Access to social networks is also a high priority for mobile customers. And the network operators? In their efforts to reduce the customer churn rate and win new subscribers and increase average revenues per user (ARPU), they are looking for new ways to make mobile life as attractive as possible. To address ever-growing customer needs concerning content management and social networking, the "PleexSuite" has been developed. It will allow more than 2,000,000 end users to easily manage and protect their mobile content in the cloud and access social networks from a single application. The use cases are numerous. End-users can easily share mobile files over the air, transfer contacts, pictures, videos, and documents to a new phone, protect their data if their phone is lost or stolen, delete data or lock the phone if it is misplaced, lost or stolen. The latest version also includes a children focused protection function supporting parents with features such as a geo-location tool, emergency notification or web filtering. And it's all just a fingertip away. Recently Morpho and technology partner Maeglin installed the PleexSuite for the Bolivian operator NuevaTel, which is convinced of the benefits of this all-in-one application, marketing it under the name "VIVA Box". "Besides the enhanced end-user experience, the quick and easy set-up was also important for us, as was the need to have a solution that is compatible with close to 2,000 different handsets, including Java, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Android and Apple," explains Ovidio Suarez, VIVA Marketing Vice President. The successful roll-out with NuevaTel is a first step towards further successful implementations expected throughout Latin America.

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