Safran Identity & Security showcases breakthrough solutions for public security at Milipol Asia-Pacific at Singapore

Safran Identity & Security, a global leader in identity and security solutions, invites visitors of Milipol Asia-Pacific to discover its latest biometric innovations to meet a broad range of public security, access control and border control challenges.
Safran Identity & Security, invites visitors of Milipol Asia-Pacific to discover its latest biometric innovations

Today, dramatic advances in both IT and biometric technologies open the way to unprecedented opportunities to help authorities enhance global security while improving citizen experience. Safran Identity & Security has developed state-of-the art and customized solutions for airport authorities, forensic police investigators and private organizations.

In the area of public security, the company is showcasing its latest innovation in video analysis, Morpho Video and Image analytic platform (MVI), a solution that enables authorities to save precious time in post-event treatment of video footage. Already deployed by the French National Police for counter-terrorism investigations, MVI analyses volumes of raw data, detects important details and flags up most relevant data for the analyst, thus avoiding the need to screen all video footage. MVI's advanced processing capacity enables investigators to divide their investigation time by 10.

In the area of airport security, Safran Identity & Security provides solutions to increase border security while facilitating passenger experience. Through biometric identification, MorphoPass solution expedites passenger checkpoints while offering a more seamless experience at the different stages of the pre-flight airport journey: automated bag drop, passport control and boarding. A world first, MorphoPass has been selected by Changi Airport for deployment in its new Terminal 4, scheduled to open this year. 

In addition, the company is exhibiting breakthrough technologies for contactless identity verification to meet the growing demand for frictionless access control at high-traffic and sensitive locations. The MorphoWave biometric solution, another industry first, captures and matches in less than 1 second four fingerprints simultaneously, as the user simply waves a hand over the sensor to be identified. 


Biometrics is a key contributor to resolving today's security challenges because it provides the ideal match between the high accuracy needed by public authorities and the level of convenience required by citizens living in a digital world. Through highly secure, non-intrusive solutions, we are helping authorities around the world create safer places to live in.

Samuel Fringant, Executive Vice President, Security Division, Safran Identity & Security


Visitors will discover these solutions on booth #1914 at Milipol Asia- Pacific from 4 to 6 of April.

Safran is a leading international high-technology group with three core businesses: Aerospace (propulsion and equipment), Defence and Security. Operating worldwide, the Group has 70,000 employees and generated sales of 17.4 billion euros in 2015. Safran is listed on Euronext Paris and is part of the CAC40 index, as well as the Euro Stoxx 50 European index.

Safran Identity & Security is a global leader in identity and security solutions, deploying systems in more than 100 countries. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in biometrics, the company develops innovative technologies for the public and private sectors, including identity management, secure transactions and public security solutions.

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