Sagem Sécurité introduces latest-generation mobile ID terminal, Morpho RapID 1100

Paris, July 29, 2008

Sagem Sécurité (SAFRAN Group) has announced the launch of a new generation of mobile identification and information terminals, dubbed Morpho RapID 1100. Designed for mobile police forces and border police, these terminals will provide real-time identification of criminals based on fingerprint and facial recognition.

The new terminal's graphics interface and connectivity with most current communications networks means that police forces will have real-time access to highly accurate information, allowing them to respond to all demands. Police forces will be able to increase their presence in the field and provide the appropriate solution to any situation, immediately.

"Morpho RapID 1100 is the result of a joint effort by Sagem Sécurité and Psion Teklogix, the leader in communicating mobile terminals, working in conjunction with police forces," said Jean-Paul Jainsky, Chairman and CEO of Sagem Sécurité. "It combines state-of-the-art technologies in biometrics, communications and ergonomic design, all in a single device."

Based on recognized expertise in real-time identification technologies, the Morpho RapID 1100 provides an innovative solution to meet the growing needs of today's mobile police forces. Sagem Sécurité now has some 400,000 biometric terminals deployed worldwide, confirming its position as the world leader in biometric identification systems.


Sagem Sécurité is a high-technology company in the SAFRAN Group. Among the leading European security systems companies, it is present in four main areas: biometric systems, where it is the worldwide leader in fingerprint-based biometrics; secure terminals for access control, payments and gaming; road safety equipment and smart cards.
Its products and integrated systems are used worldwide, helping to ensure transport safety, data and personal security and governmental defense capabilities at the highest level. Through the SAFRAN Group, Sagem Sécurité is present on all continents.
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