Sagem Sécurité launches new product for securing Internet transactions, “YpsID e”

Paris-Nord, Villepinte, Cartes 2007, November 13, 2007

Sagem Sécurité (SAFRAN Group) has unveiled a new product that secures Internet e-transactions on the occasion of the international trade show, Cartes 2007.

"YpsID e" is a strong authentication device developed by Sagem Sécurité for banks' clients and companies that do online business.

"YpsID e" can be used on all computers and does not require special software. The technology makes use of the latest authentication innovations, namely One Time Password (OTP) generation and Open Authentication (OATH) compliance.

The device is transparent for users and provides them with a high level of security comparable to that of a smart card. Its ease of use (no code entry), compact size (i.e. a mini USB flash drive) and sleek design make it particularly well suited to wide distribution among bank clients.

Sagem Sécurité has partnered with Data Card in order to target the general public. The company will provide customization solution for the "YpsID e" drives.

"YpsID e" rounds out the "YpsID" strong-authentication product line, which includes "YpsID s", a corporate authentication and access control badge, and "YpsID u", a logical access control device similar to a USB flash drive.

The "YpsID" family reinforces Sagem Sécurité's offer in information security and strengthens its position as a systems integrator in different card applications in the government and private sectors.


Sagem Sécurité is a high-technology company in the SAFRAN Group. Among the leading European security systems companies, it is present in four main areas: biometric systems, where it is the worldwide leader in fingerprint-based biometrics; secure terminals for access control, payments and gaming; road safety equipment and smart cards.
Its products and integrated systems are used worldwide, helping to ensure transport safety, data and personal security and governmental defense capabilities at the highest level. Through the SAFRAN Group, Sagem Sécurité is present on all continents.
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