Sagem Sécurité will supply biometric control systems to Cairo Airport

Paris, December 21, 2007

Sagem Sécurité (SAFRAN Group) following international bidding, has been selected to provide the new Terminal 3 of Cairo Airport with biometric border control gates.

Based on biometric automatic fingerprint recognition technology, this system, developed and produced by Sagem Sécurité, will provide high security service for the identification of passengers while substantially accelerating the overall checking process, particularly pre-registered passengers and frequent flyers.

This system is part of the Information Technology programme executed by ARINC Incorporated.

Sagem Sécurité's biometric identity control equipment have already been chosen for similar applications in other major airports of the world: in UK, using iris recognition, in France, using fingerprint recognition, and in Australia, using face recognition.

This contract confirms Sagem Sécurité's position in airport security applications and more particularly, its know how in the field of border control systems based on biometric solutions. Sagem Sécurité's biometric ID systems are already operational in more than 60 countries.


Sagem Sécurité is a high-technology company in the SAFRAN Group. Among the leading European security systems companies, it is present in four main areas: biometric systems, where it is the worldwide leader in fingerprint-based biometrics; secure terminals for access control, payments and gaming; road safety equipment and smart cards.
Its products and integrated systems are used worldwide, helping to ensure transport safety, data and personal security and governmental defense capabilities at the highest level. Through the SAFRAN Group, Sagem Sécurité is present on all continents.
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