Secure Mobile Identity in the focus at the Mobile World Congress 2013

On February 25, the world’s biggest event for the mobile industry will open its doors for visitors from all over the globe – the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The new area, Fira Gran Vira, where the venue moved to this year, will allow even more visitors than the number of 67,000 participants from last year, as it is twice the size of the former exhibition in Montjuic.

As one of the leading players in mobile telecommunications technologies, Morpho will of course be present at the Mobile World Congress too. Under the motto "Secure Mobile Identity – As Unique as You Are," Morpho will be demonstrating solutions that create new opportunities for a future with greater security, mobility and trust in technology. Protecting the unique data of unique people is a key challenge for the telecommunications industry. Once trust in security has been established, a huge spectrum of new business ideas opens up. Let's take some examples from Morpho's demo list to illustrate this.

In this arena, Morpho has a complete portfolio on identity derivation from biometrics and government IDs to commercial eIDs. Especially interesting for visitors will be to learn more about Morpho's identity derivation solution for eHealth. In Morpho's MyBank MyShop demo visitors can experience how the SIMplyMe solution can easily provide strong, secure and valuable mobile ID for eServices.

Another interesting growing business spectrum opened up by the security features of Morpho's SIM cards is Machine-to-Machine Communication. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is about the automated exchange of information between technical devices without human intervention. Morpho will present its product portfolio addressing the main market segments (consumer, industrial and automotive).
Morpho will show various uses of subscription management: from a convenient operator switch solution to a flexible remote profile management shown on the base of a demo of the GSMA mAutomotive embedded SIM.
Moreover, visitors can learn all about Morpho's applications for M2M, especially focusing on QoS monitoring (Quality of Service monitoring) in cooperation with Morpho's partner Wadaro.

Other highlights of this year booth include interactive presentations of LTE technology, (Long Term Evolution) recent mobile applications and solutions, NFC –Near Field Communication- applications in a virtual supermarket and TSM solutions for secure mobile applications (banking, payment, transit).

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