Securing sporting events: a major-league challenge

From the Munich Olympics to the Boston Marathon, large-scale sporting events are always tempting targets. Morpho is helping to eliminate that threat thanks to its expert trace detection technology.

Morpho has developed a range of technology specifically designed to satisfy the high demands of major sporting event organizers. The key is trace detection. "The main aim of this technology is to detect and identify explosives," says Cameron Ritchie, vice president, technology and chief technology officer at Morpho. "When someone handles an explosive substance, it leaves traces behind, even if they're only minute. We take a sample from people's hands, wallet, ID or bag, and then we analyze it using Morpho-patented technology called Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer, or ITMS®." Powerful, fast, and easy to use
World market leader Morpho has developed three different detector families to ease application on the ground: handheld detectors (MobileTrace®, StreetLab Mobile®), "desktop-style" units (Itemiser®) and portals (EntryScan®). All are able to detect traces of explosives on a nanometric scale in just a few seconds, and were designed to work in challenging environments. For the most part, desktop trace detectors are used at checkpoints installed at the entrance to sporting venues. "The organizers' action plan will ultimately decide what equipment they need and how it's used," says Will Hargett, VP global marketing & channel management at Morpho. "They might take samples depending on the results of X-rays, or from randomly selected people." Morpho: proven experience at major events
Since 1988, the Olympics in Korea, Spain, Australia, the UK and the United States have relied on Morpho Detection's trace solutions to help secure the games.

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