Securing your digital transformation? Morpho has the solution!

We are supporting industry evolutions through our trusted digital platform, a tool that efficiently guarantees the security of electronic exchanges and transactions.
Digital Transformation in Aero

Despite the disparity between situations, businesses are accelerating their digital transformations,  already largely underway in several sectors. "At the same time, the push to be 'lean' is driving further digitalization," explains Laurent Porracchia, director of the Industry and Government business unit of Morpho's Digital Security & Authentication (DSA) division. "The market is so dynamic that it will probably experience double-digit growth through the next decade."


The most comprehensive offering on the market
The shift towards digital business demands enhanced protection for the exchanges and data that are produced on and transit through these systems. To address this need, Morpho designed a trusted digital platform built on four pillars: identification, authentication of services (devices and software) and people, transaction security through digital signatures, as well as secure archiving.  "Morpho offers the most comprehensive solution on the market," Porracchia affirms. "However our clients across the world may choose to establish digital trust, we can help them."

A mark of trust
Airbus has already placed its own trust in Morpho digital solutions. The European aircraft manufacturer contracted Morpho to provide the required security to move to entirely electronic corporate documents and paperless business processes. Clients can now download digital documentation on the Group's aircraft from a dedicated portal, upon signature of a delivery receipt. As Porracchia sums up, "Airbus can thus rest assured that the right client downloaded the right document at the right time."

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