The SIM card as a lifesaver

It is the situation that road users most fear – a collision on the motorway or a crash in a remote location late at night.

Every day, almost 70 people die in traffic incidents on European roads. This is far too many, thinks the European Union, which has launched an initiative called eCall designed to reduce that number. Aiming to improve the response times of emergency services to road accidents and made possible by integrating SIM cards into the telematics control systems of vehicles, it can be a real lifesaver. 

The eCall project requires that in an accident, an in-vehicle emergency call system automatically dials a European emergency number which is linked to the nearest emergency center. Basic data - including the location - is sent to the local emergency services, meaning that response can be faster, the size and scope of an incident can be assessed early and time can be saved in critical life and death situations.

Morpho, one of the top three SIM manufacturers, is working closely with mobile network operators, the automotive industry and the various standardization bodies to develop robust and cost-effective M2M SIM cards to implement eCall services. The integration of eCall-compliant systems is one of the top priorities for vehicle manufacturers, as it will be mandatory in all new cars and light utility vehicles from March 2018. 

Outside the EU, Russia is also working on a similar system, called ERA GLONASS (Emergency Road Assistance based on Global Navigation Satellite). Here, too, Morpho is working closely with telematics module manufacturers and with Sierra Wireless to ensure that the unique requirements of the system are met.

Morpho will demonstrate the integration of the Morpho ERA GLONASSS / eCall SIM card working with a Sierra Wireless module at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit in Paris, June 17. If you would like to know more about our products and solutions, please find us there or email us.

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