Unitel to collaborate with Morpho: A success story in the making

The Unitel Group, one of the world's fastest-growing providers of information technology and mobile communication services, announces that it is contracting with Morpho for innovative technologies and solutions aimed at enhancing and expanding Unitel's market reach.

Unitel, with headquarters in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, was founded in 2006 primarily as a mobile network operator (MNO) offering 2G GSM service. Since then, Unitel has experienced dynamic business growth in a highly competitive market. Of the four telcos operating in the country, Unitel is ranked No.1 and serves more than one-third of the entire market. When it comes to mobile subscribers, Unitel holds second place. The company has kept pace with consumer demands through unique marketing programs and strategic acquisitions that have allowed Unitel to establish subsidiaries in a number of key segments.

According to Unitel Mongolia CEO, Mr. Ganbold Ravjin, the extraordinary pace of business development has been driven by the unusual characteristics of the Mongolian market: "Our country has a relatively small population of three million, with a literacy rate of nearly 100 percent. Most ICT users are young people. They are technology-savvy and adopt innovations in communications early. That explains why smartphone usage has already reached 50 percent of the market. These young subscribers demand high quality as well as consistent and sustainable innovative services, and this has boosted our growth exponentially."

Analyst studies reveal that social media usage, especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, has skyrocketed in Mongolia. In fact, on a per capita basis, the country has one of the highest usage of Twitter per citizen in the world. Unitel also provides IPTV, VoIP and fiber to home broadband Internet to most of the households in the capital city in addition to its 3G mobile broadband services. "As more young people demand smart, social and personal communication, 4G will be the next inevitable step. We are poised to make this a smooth transition because our current infrastructure is already 4G-compatible. Unitel aspires to be at the vanguard of the digital lifestyle, offering digital solutions for communication, healthcare, transportation, payment transactions and more – pushing the envelope for even more innovation," says Ganbold.

Unitel's business vision extends far beyond classic communication services, as reflected in the company's successful foray into the media content market to drive vertical expansion. For example, Unitel established its own film production company (Prime Pictures) and has already released three motion pictures. "We also have contracts with six biggest Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros., Disney and Universal, covering the provision of on-demand video services. Self-driven innovation is vital, but we also need to partner with other enterprises in order to succeed in vertical markets," explains Ganbold. Other ventures are focused on online advertising, mobile application hosting and sales platforms, and an audio store resembling iTunes.

Ganbold is very proud of these success stories, but he believes this is just the beginning of a new era in digital technology: "There are three driving forces behind any business entity – people, speed or agility, and visionary innovation. Right now we are living in an age where all three factors are the dynamic forces that are shaping the future of human-centric technologies. This is a global phenomenon that is transforming lifestyles in all nations and cultures. From a business standpoint, this demands bold decisions if we are to address the needs of our customers."

As smartphones and mobile devices find applications that go beyond traditional communications, it is essential for network operators and providers to partner with enterprises specializing in technologies that will help them serve their subscribers with more and better services. According to Ganbold, this was the motivation behind establishing a business alliance with Morpho: "Mobile devices and smartphones are used for communication, entertainment, shopping, banking and a host of other applications. This trend is just the beginning. And it is very important to have solutions for secure enrollment, secure elements and strong authentication to support effective digital services. Morpho is a global leader in this field, with experience dating back to the invention of the first SIM cards. What's more, we are sure that Morpho solutions will enable us to optimize our subscriber management, subscriber profiles, marketing campaigns and customer retention programs, to name just a few examples. When it comes to the Internet of Things, Unitel knows that it can rely on Morpho solutions. Our experience thus far has been extremely positive, and we look forward to integrating innovative and emerging technologies from Morpho."

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