Multi-biometric SDK from the World leader in biometric technologies

Banking services, welfare provision, network security, access control, time and attendance management or medical record maintenance are all examples where personal identification is critical. With MorphoKit™, all these transactions - and more - can easily benefit from a layer of outstanding Morpho biometric technology. Originally designed for fingerprint-based systems, MorphoKit™ has been enriched with our world-renowned algorithms for 2D facial and iris recognition.

Fingerprint, Face and Iris: MorphoKit™ now gives access to three biometric modalities acknowledged worldwide for their high levels of accuracy and performance. User enrollment and matching procedures are so simple to implement that system developers can learn in minutes how to enhance client security and identification systems with the power of biometrics.


Fingerprint, Face and Iris biometric modalities:
- Image coding
- One-to-One Authentication
- One-to-Many Identification up to 1:50,000 users

Additional Fingerprint features:
- MINEX and FIPS 201 certified Feature Extractor and Matcher
- FBI approved WSQ Compression algorithm
- Generation of  ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378 standard templates and Morpho proprietary ones
- CBEFF exchange format generation
- Fake Finger Detection interface

Software specifications:
- Interfaces: Native C/C++, .NET wrapper, Java wrapper
- Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and Android(*)

(*) Android OS: fingerprint and face biometric modalities available only

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