Securing The Mobile Revolution - Mobile communications technology, in the form of phones, tablets and notebooks, has changed our lives faster than any technology before it. Morpho has ensured that the mobile revolution doesn’t have to happen at the expense of solid security with MorphoTablet, an enterprise-class tablet that provides highly secure biometric and cryptographic functions.

Mobile technology designed to be secure

Safran Identity & Security presents MorphoTablet™, an enterprise class touch-sensitive device which adds the security of biometrics (fingerprint + face) and cryptographic functions to mobile operations.

For Morpho's R&D group, the tablet computer represented an ideal platform in terms of portability, flexibility and ease-of-use. A mobile platform able to deliver on-the-go, secure data operations with fingerprint & facial recognition biometrics and cryptographic functions.
Designing the tablet from the ground up enabled security to be built directly into the platform, starting with a secure element and encryption functions. The embedded secure element and crypto-processor protect sensitive data, file systems, algorithms and communication channels. MorphoTablet also integrates a Secure Access Module (SAM) that uses a secondary secure element to store cryptographic certificates, as well as a reader for contact cards.
Morpho's industry-leading Map on Card (MoC) technology securely compares data read from Smartcards with that captured by the tablet's sensors. Further, Morpho's industry leading fingerprint scanner and a camera ensure that the device can securely deliver fingerprint & facial recognition biometric services. 


Enterprise-class mobile application platform

Morpho R&D has worked hard to maximise MorphoTablet's potential as an application platform. Firstly, Morpho's Fingerprint and facial recognition algorithms were combined with MorphoTablet's built-in fingerprint scanner and camera. To ensure optimal performance, Morpho's algorithms were then re-written for the Android environment. Customers now have the flexibility of 3 software options:

  1. Morpho iMobile suite (MiMs), a set of applications designed for registration, biometric (fingerprint and face) identification, e-Document verification and crime scene investigation
  2. Customer-specific applications developed on demand 
  3. Customer Support Package (Android SDK with dedicated APIs for fingerprint sensor, contact/contactless readers, etc.) available for integrators to build custom applications. This includes the ability to integrate MorphoTablet with existing backend applications and databases, including remote AFIS searches.


Guaranteed secure mobile data operations using biometrics


Advances in processing power, form-factor and the user-friendly interface have made the tablet computer a powerful platform for application delivery. However, there is much more to a mobile workforce than the ability to conduct business on the go; as ever, there is the need for secure access to important and private information, sensitive locations and more. It was inevitable then that governments and private industry would turn to mobile biometrics to secure and protect the processing of people, goods and services. Using biometrics and cryptographic functions, MorphoTablet guarantees secure mobile data operations, combining mobility, versatility and security in a single platform that delivers trusted services anytime, anywhere.

With its integrated biometric functions and card readers, MorphoTablet can easily verify people's identities in a wide variety of situations and environments: on-the-spot ID checks, elections, benefit payments, school tests, medical exams and access to secure areas. Users of MorphoTablet can also stay connected anywhere since the tablet supports WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile networks.

Market response to MorphoTablet has been outstanding, with worldwide traction in all vertical markets. Further, the product has been recognized with several awards, including both the ID Award and the SESAME IT Security award. 


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