Now your smartphone could be your driver’s license too

Unrivalled biometric technology for ultra-secure driver’s licenses.

MorphoTrust, already the leading provider for driver's licenses in America, is about to transform the market by enabling Iowans to use their smartphones as a digital driver's license.

In a country that doesn't have a national ID card, the printed driver's license has been a standard for decades, acting not only as proof of the ability to drive but also as an ID to verify age and identity.  

Now, MorphoTrust USA is combining its half-century of driving license expertise with the company's leadership in secure digital ID to develop a smartphone driver's license application. MorphoTrust is working with the Department of Transportation in Iowa, which plans to become the first state in the US to provide citizens with a digital driver's license. 

"The world is changing and increasingly it's no longer necessary to carry a wallet. Smartphones integrate store loyalty cards, airline boarding cards and concert tickets." said Mike Williams, chief of communications for the Department of Motor Vehicles in Delaware. "Furthermore, money-transfer and payment apps make it much easier to survive without carrying cash or cards. The digital Driver's License that we're developing with Morpho Trust is another step in that direction".

The driving license application is currently in development for iOS and Android phones. Official trials with the Department of Transportation in Iowa will start in the second half of 2015.

Iowa law enforcement officers will accept MorphoTrust's digital license during traffic stops, as will security officers screening travelers at Iowa's airports. The application is expected to be free as well as optional; Iowans will still be able to use a regular driver's license if they choose. 

"The digital driver's license fulfills a need and desire on the part of American citizens to have important documents in electronic form, quickly accessible on their mobile device of choice." said Jenny Openshaw, Vice President Sales, MorphoTrust.

"In particular, Americans would like to be able to renew their driver's licenses online and see the smartphone app as the next logical step."

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