Our identity-related services

We have drawn our experience and unmatched expertise in identity management and trust services to develop identity-related services available in several countries.

About our IdentoGO® Centers and TSA Pre✓® in the USA


IdentoGO® Centers by MorphoTrust provide a single location where Americans can access a growing number of identity-related services through a nationwide network of professional and convenient locations. Spanning all 50 states and U.S. territories, the primary service offered in each center is the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints.

To learn more about IdentoGO® Centers by MorphoTrust as well as TSA Pre✓®, visit IdentoGO's blog and view IdentoGO's social pages on Twitter and Facebook. Visit www.morphotrust.com to learn more about MorphoTrust.


About Morpho Global ID Services in Canada
Discover the nationwide fingerprinting network offered by Morpho Global ID Services. With over 19 years of experience serving thousands of employers and over a million individual applicants annually across North America, Morpho understands the value of providing a safe and secure fingerprinting environment. Our convenient locations across Canada and our expert staff will ensure that all your needs are met. Our fingerprinting centers provide a safe, clean environment staffed by trained fingerprint technicians. RCMP and FBI certified electronic live scan fingerprint capture devices provide you with a quick and professional fingerprinting session.

To learn more about our identity-related services in Canada, visit www.morpho.com/Canada or download our brochure


About eAleat Identity Services in Albania
As a result of an increase in identity theft, protection of the identity is essential nowadays. eAleat Services are the new Identity Services powered by Aleat Sh.p.k, on behalf of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) through a secure platform that provides identity trust to any electronic transaction.  

Identity Services by eAleat are based on the National ID Card and being the official identity representation are strongly protected and secured. eAleat protects the identity of the cardholder and ensures that nobody can use your identity online or at a point of service.  

eAleat Identity Services ensure Government and Businesses that services are provided to the right person adding biometry as high security and a secure personal PIN. The data and identities in the National ID Card are issued in behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), and securely produced by Aleat Sh.p.k. eAleat Services works only with the public data on the ID card and the fingerprints which are stored in the ID card perform match on card. For transactions, the cardholder of the ID card uses the secret PIN or the biometric fingerprint matching which are required.

To learn more about our identity-related services in Albania, visit www.aleat.al

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