Automated biometric tools to help police investigate crimes more efficiently

Police departments around the world need to optimize their investigative methods to tackle major threats with fewer resources.

Morpho facilitates law enforcement procedures by developing innovative and cost-effective systems to perform tasks in real time and boost officer productivity.

From identifying suspects and interviewing witnesses at the station, to gathering and analyzing evidence and drafting reports, to optimizing department budgets, our technologies help more than 120 police departments across five continents to carry out their investigations and make the most of their resources.

We develop comprehensive solutions enabling forensic experts to collect and process evidence more efficiently, evidence that remains irrefutable in court. Like our automated biometric identification system MorphoBIS, our tools provide automated data analysis for minor crimes, so investigative teams can focus their efforts on major threats like organized crime and terrorism.

  • 170+
    identification systems
    deployed worldwide
  • 70
    countries are using our systems

Morpho Celebrates 40 Years of Automated Fingerprint Identification


The latest evolution in AFIS is the ability to search all areas of the hand known as "Major Case Prints". The FBI's NGI (Next Generation Identification) program has this new capability. The majority of prints left at crime scenes are comprised of prints not covered by the standard tenprint record. This leads to more crimes solved and safer communities.

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