Combine EDS & X-Ray diffraction

Morpho takes an integrated, multi-technology approach to deliver advanced security screening solutions that meet the most demanding operational effectiveness and efficiency standards while delivering enhanced customer experiences.

The "System of Systems" is the combination of the CTX 9000 DSi™ (or CTX 9400 DSi™) and XRD 3500™ Explosives Detection Systems providing airport security systems with comprehensive explosive material screening at unparalleled levels of detection and achieving operational benefits for security professionals and passengers.

System of systems
Combines Morpho’s certified CT and XRD technology

"System of Systems" uses specially developed Morpho software and algorithms. Based on a scan from Morpho's CTX 9000 series, an XRD 3500 scanner performs targeted analysis only on a specific region of interest within a suspect piece of checked-luggage.

The combined system is designed to clear as many of the alarms from the CTX 9000 series machines in an automated fashion as possible, thus reducing operational expenses. Due to the very low false alarm rate, the SoS reduces the number of bags, which needs reconciliation, to a minimum. As a result, very few bags only reach the baggage inspection room.


• Fully automatic EDS at the highest security levels
• Completely integrated solution
• Reduces staff and operational costs by significantly decreasing the number of bags requiring manual inspection
• Enhances traveler experience due to reduced passenger reconciliation


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