Improving investigations by detecting narcotics and explosives traces

With today's heightened threat of terrorism, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, high-risk facilities, transportation, and government agencies have been using explosives trace detection for several years. Our technology also can be used to detect narcotics, as part of a sound security strategy to help protect the public and vital infrastructure from threats.

Detecting trace amounts of narcotics or explosives can make also all the difference in organized crime and terrorism investigations. Morpho develops cutting-edge technologies to make these solutions accessible and affordable to police forces around the world.

Organized crime and terrorism investigations often depend on law enforcement's ability to detect trace amounts of narcotics and explosives on people, money, or at crime scenes. However, the methods available for this analysis typically involve high transport and personnel costs, as well as delays caused by external processing.

To meet these challenges, Morpho has developed cost-effective tools for fast trace detection, performed directly in the field or at the police station. With our sophisticated mobile technology, police can keep narcotics out of public places and take their investigations farther and faster.

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