XRD Explosives Detection

X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is extremely effective in detecting both liquid and solid explosives.

Unlike other X-ray systems that merely estimate the density of objects, XRD precisely identifies scanned items by defining the molecular structure of substances.

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XRD 3500

Explosives Detection System

XRD 3500: Explosives Detection Down to the Molecular Signature
X-ray diffraction (XRD) is currently one of the most effective explosives detection technologies.

The XRD 3500 explosives detection system (EDS) uses XRD technology to identify material based on molecular composition, with a highly focused screening capability for areas in bags identified as possible threats that greatly increases throughput. The XRD 3500 is designed to resolve alarms without depending on operators and other time-consuming procedures, which can result in a significant increase in overall detection rates and reduced processing time for passenger baggage, while significantly reducing operating costs.

Key Points

• Meets ECAC Performance Standard 3 for EDS
• Extremely low false alarm rate
• Improved resolution of suspect items
• Reduced overall operating costs
• Decreased bag reconciliation requirement


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