Increasing security in urban areas

The fight against reckless driving is a considerable human and financial challenge that government agencies around the world are striving to address.

To make roads safer, Morpho helps its customers with all its expertise and know-how. We support governments throughout their traffic rules enforcement project and in their desire to change the behavior of road users regarding road safety rules, whether in speeding, red light running or other road safety issues.

The majority of accidents in urban areas result from traffic offenses, in particular those happening at traffic lights.

To meet authorities' needs in this field, Morpho has developed, in addition to its line of speed cameras, the Mesta Fusion system that automatically detects vehicles passing through red lights and control speed. It can easily be installed at the most dangerous intersections.

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Fixed, automated average speed control


Complementary to instant speed cameras, MESTA 5000 SMART can be deployed on any type of road, including winding roads and accident black spots such as work zones, tunnels and bridges.

MESTA SMART is a range of road safety solutions, based on the localization of the same vehicle at different points along its route, namely in order to measure its average speed. The MESTA SMART solution for average speed control uses two MESTA 5000 SMART units.

Beyond Road Safety, measuring the average speed of vehicles has a lasting impact on drivers' behavior, helps reduce the number of road accidents, improves traffic flow management and helps cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Key characteristics and features:

  • Accurate measurement of average speed from 0 to 250 km/h [155mph]
  • Speed detection over distances ranging from 150m [492ft] to several dozens of km or miles
  • Non-intrusive and undetectable solution, operating 24 hours a day
  • Multi-lane management
  • Adaptable to all types of sites
  • Detection rate of nearly 100%
  • Detection of up to 2400 vehicles/lane/hour
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