Process violations

Our field equipment are linked via a secure network to the violation processing centre. For the authorities, this solution offers numerous advantages:

  • The networking of all equipment (speeding and red light running detection) allows the creation of a real national or regional security solution.
  • The automation of violation processing means that offenders receive their violation tickets within a few days of committing the violation. Government studies have shown this rapid response to have a major psychological impact on attitudes, contributing to a change in the behavior of road users.
  • The remote configuration, by the processing center, of the equipment trigger levels according to traffic conditions.
  • The remote management, by the processing center, and notification of alarms enable rapid intervention to resolve incidents.
  • The assignment of a single contact for the program and post-program management ensures compatible technologies.
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Violation Processing Center (VPC)

The Violation Processing Center (VPC) is at the core of any automated speed limit and red-light enforcement solution.




VPC is permanently interacting with field equipment via encrypted links (wired, fiber optic and wireless networks).

It offers an A to Z, fully automated violation processing approach: from vehicle number plate automated recognition to the mailing of violation tickets.

Modular and scalable, the processing center performs the following functions:

  • Reception and decoding of the violation messages transmitted by field equipment (see MESTA range).
  • Automated number plate recognition (ANPR).
  • Interfacing with different reference databases: stolen vehicle database, license plate database, legal information systems, the demerit point management system, etc.
  • Offender identification
  • Remote maintenance and parameter setting of the field equipment
  • Searches using keywords
  • Computation of statistics and logs
  • Guaranteed security at each step of the violation processing operations



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