Process violations

Our field equipment are linked via a secure network to the violation processing centre. For the authorities, this solution offers numerous advantages:

  • The networking of all equipment (speeding and red light running detection) allows the creation of a real national or regional security solution.
  • The automation of violation processing means that offenders receive their violation tickets within a few days of committing the violation. Government studies have shown this rapid response to have a major psychological impact on attitudes, contributing to a change in the behavior of road users.
  • The remote configuration, by the processing center, of the equipment trigger levels according to traffic conditions.
  • The remote management, by the processing center, and notification of alarms enable rapid intervention to resolve incidents.
  • The assignment of a single contact for the program and post-program management ensures compatible technologies.
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Violation Processing Station (VPS)

The traffic law violation processing station is adapted to small installations or decentralized configurations.


The VPS local processing station is used to process in real or delayed time the violation messages generated by a reduced number of speed and red light running cameras.

It benefits from a scalable architecture: various modules can be added to the VPS, giving it the additional functions that will correspond to the evolution of the customer's needs and installation size.

The main functions of VPS are:

  • Decode violation messages,
  • Display violation parameters and photographs,
  • Process images: zoom on license plates.
  • Automatically recognize license plates (ANPR function, as an option or upgrade).
  • Carry out specific searches for violation messages using keywords,
  • Compile statistics.


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