Railways safety

For over fifty years, Morpho has designed and manufactured railway signaling equipment:

  • Train detectors
  • Signal repeaters and semi-embedded video transmission systems (TVSE)

These devices and systems are intended for traffic management and for the security of passengers, employees, equipment and infrastructures.

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Electromechanical rail traffic travel direction detector

The Forfex system detects the direction of travel of a train, at a given point on the tracks (within the speed range of 0 to 200km per hour), and controls all functions associated with this passage:

  • Level crossing (gate and lights control)
  • Signal control
  • Control of announcements broadcasted to travelers
  • Control of warning signals about workings on the tracks

Forfex is approved by SNCF (French national rail operator), RATP (Paris transport authority) and many international railway operators. Forfex is the result of 50 years of experience, and has already sold over 300,000 units worldwide.

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