MorphoBIS: the state of the art Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) for criminal identification

MorphoBIS represents the best of breed ABIS, combining the strongest features of two proven ABIS products (Printrak's BIS and MetaMorpho).

Based on a technology designed to address all identification challenges, from civil to border control markets, MorphoBIS is able to answer to biometric experts, police precincts, law enforcement agencies as well as jail intake and release needs.

The MorphoBIS Suite is a comprehensive range of products centered on an innovative Automated Biometric Identification System that provides real-time identification of suspects and criminals.

  • Multi biometric capacity: MorphoBIS processes fingerprints, recognizes faces and allows future upgrades adding iris and other modalities
  • Accuracy: MorphoBIS integrates our biometric engine which provides the latest level of algorithm accuracy so that customers benefit from the most recent improvements in research & technology
  • Efficiency: Experts are given the choice between different verification processes depending on the type of crime, adjusting what is handled automatically by the ABIS or manually by the expert
  • Interoperability: seamless connectivity with third party systems (other ABIS systems, booking stations or mobile terminals)
  • An extended latent and face expert toolset equipped with editing tools, selection tools as well as image enhancement
  • An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) which can be customized and applied uniformly across all workstations, supporting dual screen displays
  • Compliance with international standards set by: ANSI/NIST, the FBI and/or Pruem

Morpho Latent Expert

The complete workstation for latent print processing

Morpho Latent Expert
Morpho Latent Expert

Morpho Latent Expert provides:

  • A focused environment to capture, encode and submit latent fingerprints and palmprints
  • Compatibility with 500 or 1000 ppi images from a variety of sources, as well as directly from crime scene evidence
  • Automated encoding of minutiae which eliminates the need for manual encoding
  • 1:1 and 1:N search of both tenprint and palmprint files with upper, lower and writer's palmprint processing functionality
  • Advanced criminal case management features (case-to-person and case-to-case link information for example)
  • Storage of up to 1000 images per case without any quality or size restriction

The Morpho Latent Expert offers image enhancement tools for editing and charting latent prints on-screen. These tools range from the simplest improvements (brightness, contrast) to the most advanced (noise elimination with assisted Fourier transformation). All modifications are tracked and the original image preserved for irrefutable court evidence.



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