Biometric scanners

Biometrics, in particular Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS ), have served criminal justice business needs since the first automated fingerprint systems appeared in the early 1970s.

With respect to real-time identification, ABIS systems and fingerprint capture technology are now an integral part of the operational policing environment. This technology allows police management to reduce the time spent on major and minor crime investigations by quickly establishing links to persons of interest.

The accuracy and the speed of the identification depends on the quality of the biometric data enrollment.

Morpho brings more than 40+ years of biometric expertise to its full set of acquisition and identification solutions to capture all kinds of biometric data.



It works with multiple operating systems and devices, including smartphones and tablets.



Software SuiteEnabling real-time operations in the field, MiMs helps make communities safer and solve more crime.

The suite comprises 4 applications:

  • MiScan: Enrollment of individuals
  • MiCheck: Verification of secure ID documents
  • MiVerify: Person identification
  • MiCrimeScene: Crime scene investigation

MiMs is available for Windows Mobile, Android and Apple iOS platforms.


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