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It goes without saying that airports and border checkpoints are vital transit hubs in our globalized world. As such they are particularly vulnerable to an array of threats. Governments require vital intelligence about people entering and exiting their territory at any time.

At Morpho, we believe that biometrics and data analytics technologies enable secured borders while reducing waiting times and improving travel experience.

Our solutions encompass Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API-PNR) solutions.

Border crossing systems have proven their value towards national security. But so far they were addressing only parts of the issues related to border control with legacy technologies.

Our comprehensive Border Management solutions provide new and innovative ways to address the 21st century border control challenges.

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eGates, eCounters, biometrics: the United Arab Emirates at the state-of-the-art of the border management

In 2015, Morpho, in partnership with eIMASS, has started to implement the e-Border management system in five major airports in the UAE. The project is setting the standards for the future of border control in the world, combining the very latest in biometric technologies, automation and system integration.

MorphoWay - solution automatisée pour le contrôle des frontières

Being centrally located at the crossroad between Europe, Africa and Asia, UAE airports are among the busiest in the world, with more than 105 million passengers handled in 2015. The United Arab Emirates are also a highly attractive country, for both business people and tourists. 85% of the UAE population are foreigners and the country has one of the largest net migration in the world.

This unique UAE context exacerbates the challenge of improving both security and passenger facilitation that is becoming familiar to border management authorities around the world.

To meet this objective, the UAE have chosen Morpho as a partner. The e-Border solution allows full Entry and Exit passenger processing using multi-biometric MorphoWay e-Gates, as well as e-Counters, equipped with the latest contactless and at-a-distance biometric capture technology, MorphoWave.

Biometrics is today's most secure way to irrevocably identify an individual. And Morpho's latest biometric technology is now fast, non-intrusive, even fun, dramatically improving user experience and particularly adapted to fit in an airport environment.

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