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The massive increase in international travelers, along with the acute awareness of the risks related to terrorism and illegal immigration, have led governments and airport authorities to improve their border control procedures.

They thus implement automated multibiometric border control solutions: eGates.

These fully-automated e-gates read biometric data contained in travel documents and compare it with the document holder's biometric data.

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Seamless, accurate face capture and ID verification

MorphoFACE: biometric solution for ID verification
MorphoFACE a biometric solution for identity verification

MorphoFACE, an exciting ‘on-the-move' biometric solution brings truly seamless face acquisition and accurate identity verification in one single connected device.

MorphoFACE integrates our state-of-the-art face recognition technologies, thus ensuring a high level of accuracy and a strong defense against fraud attempts. Based on 3D video tracking, this biometric solution enables a steady flow of users, keeping them ‘on-the-move' at all times, with no compromise on facial image capture quality and matching performance. 

MorphoFACE is a comprehensive solution for a range of applications where throughput, security and convenience are key requirements. This includes border control, self-boarding and passenger flow management.
Highly adaptable, it comes either as a compact stand-alone unit or as a complete, ready to integrate OEM kit.

MorphoFACE went live during 2016 and is already proving itself around the world.



Smart face capture for ultimate in user experience!

  • ‘On-the-move' face capture and identification 
  • Multi-cameras face capture for reliable 3D video tracking
  • Non-intrusive & intuitive, requiring minimal user cooperation
  • Robust to users' behavior & profile
  • Anti-spoofing capabilities
  • High availability: 99.8%, 24/7  
  • High image quality & accuracy 
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