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The massive increase in international travelers, along with the acute awareness of the risks related to terrorism and illegal immigration, have led governments and airport authorities to improve their border control procedures.

They thus implement automated multibiometric border control solutions: eGates.

These fully-automated e-gates read biometric data contained in travel documents and compare it with the document holder's biometric data.

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MorphoTop Slim

Livescan terminal for ten print registration and verification.

An extra slim biometric terminal for civil and criminal application
MorphoTop Slim: Lifescan terminal for fingerprints registration and verification

World's N°1 Company in the field of fingerprint-based biometrics, with innovative capabilities acknowledged worldwide, OT-Morpho has acquired a thorough experience in designing and manufacturing biometric terminals (over 100,000 slap fingerprint units and over 3,000,000 fingerprint sensors sold).

After more than 1 billion people recorded across the globe, OT-Morpho introduces a new breakthrough with the MorphoTop Slim, based on Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology.








OT-Morpho offers the following services:

  • A standard software development kit (Morpho Livescan SDK)
  • An advanced software development kit:

MorphoBop which ensures high quality capture of fingerprint sequences:
- Minutiae coding (ISO 19794-2, ANSI 378)
- Rolled acquisition
- Sequence check
- Slap segmentation
- Real time quality measurement
- Automatic acquisition to speed up the capture

  • A powerful enrolment solution with MorphoESA.
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