Passenger data processing - API/PNR

Smart analytics for your border management strategies

Government agencies face today conflicting objectives: securing borders while facilitating travelers' crossing those same borders. Threat assessment has become the cornerstone of border management and of homeland security in general.

As soon as a journey is booked, API and PNR data can be cross-checked against external reference databases and analyzed via risk assessment for security clearance.

This complex process must be performed swiftly, with no error allowed.

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Morpho Traveler Analytics Suite

Smart Analytics For Your Border Management Strategies

MorphoTAS: Smart Analytics For Your Border Management Strategies

To meet security and flow management challenges faced today by government agencies, Morpho has designed Morpho Traveler Analytics Suite, a comprehensive traveler data collection and risk assessment solution. It offers a unique and modular approach, based on its successful track record with government over more than 30 years:

  • Collecting and Processing Advanced Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API-PNR) data. Morpho Traveler Analytics Suite collects data through flexible and standard connectors, filtering results according to local regulations and privacy laws.
  • Performing smart data analysis. The smart data analysis module involves two key steps. The first is to compare the traveler's API-PNR data using advanced name-matching capabilities with external databases (such as wanted persons or information of interest). The second consists of several search and risk analysis tools controlled by the operator through an intuitive user interface.
  • Managing alerts. In the event of a positive match, a customizable alert process is carried out for the corresponding passengers.

Each project can include one, two or all of these modules and be easily integrated into existing processes and systems. The suite is designed to be compatible with a wide range of open source architecture, short-term deployment and regulatory scenarios while complying with privacy legislation.

Morpho provides customers with support throughout the project, from design to maintenance stages, including but not limited to: interfacing with external systems (SIS, Interpol, national databases), establishing standardized communication platforms between airlines and government agencies and guiding the airlines to interface with these platforms throughout the transition phase.

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