Semi-automated solutions

As not all passengers are eligible for automatic control (families traveling with children, foreigners without a passport that is compatible with the local system, etc.), Morpho also equips manual control stations (booths).

Morpho integrates special tools into manual control booths to check biometric passports and visas. They are used to compare document data with a national (AFIS) or European (BMS) database.

These tools can be fingerprint sensors, such as MorphoWave Desktop and the MorphoSmart range, facial recognition or iris recognition sensors and interfaces used to run database check requests.

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Morpho's E-Counter solution addresses all the critical steps of an effective border control process.


E-Counter supports border forces throughout their daily tasks:

  • Travel document reading and authentication
  • Multi-biometric document verification (1:1 or 1:N)
  • Traveler uniqueness verification
  • Traveler eligibility verification: connection to national & international Databases
  • Entry/Exit decision
  • Alert management
  • Overstay case
  • Second lane check case
  • Statistics computation




This multi-biometric and modular solution is equipped with acquisition and processing equipment that vary depending on border guard authority needs:

  • Fingerprint sensor: contact or contactless
  • Iris scan cameras
  • Facial acquisition cameras
  • Travel document reader (passport, visa)
  • Travel ticket reader
  • Integrated PC
  • User-friendly interface
  • Antispoofing measures
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