RapidHIT: Disrupting DNA Biometrics - DNA is the “gold standard” biometric for identifying an individual; as DNA is the structure that defines who we are, no two people will have the exact same set of genes. Accordingly, DNA matching has become popular in criminal investigations. However, identifying someone using DNA biometrics is a lengthy and costly process. Morpho’s RapidHIT solution produces DNA profiles within 2 hours, revolutionizing the total cost of DNA biometrics.

Go-faster DNA biometrics


RapidHIT provides a self-contained laboratory platform able to process up to 7 samples simultaneously, delivering standardized DNA profiles within 2 hours. The high-quality results of RapidHIT comply with international standards and are comparable in every respect to those obtained by established laboratory procedures. 

DNA profile results provided by RapidHIT can be easily integrated into existing forensic workflows and agency networks. The output from the system is compatible with local, state and national human identification databases. This enables Morpho to provide its customers with turnkey solutions, deploying multi-biometric analysis in any environment.  

Combined with its high performance, RapidHIT also boasts impressive ease-of-use that minimizes the training required for users of the device. All that is required once a DNA sample has been secured is to simply load the cartridge into the machine and press the start button. All interactions with RapidHIT are via a menu-driven touch screen interface. Further, RapidHIT cartridges contain microfluidics that enable all DNA processing to be completed entirely on the cartridge. 


Disruptive Innovation

RapidHIT's innovation lies in its ability to disrupt the biometric marketplace; the ability to decrease the time required to perform a DNA test will impact the areas of immigration, airport and border security, military intelligence, mass fatalities and on-site typing performed within the criminal justice system. 

But RapidHIT goes further, playing to the trend of doing more, faster, while also deskilling the tasks involved. As a self-contained laboratory, RapidHIT not only has a small footprint, but also reduces risks of sample contamination during analysis. Its ease-of-use – each sample requires 3-5 minutes hands-on time – means tests can be processed by technicians, while forensic scientists can concentrate on areas requiring their trained analysis. This ensures that RapidHIT gives the lowest possible cost of ownership.

High Quality Rapid Disaster Response

DNA illustration

The compact design of RapidHIT enables deployment in almost any environment, from laboratory to booking station, making it ideal for disaster scenarios. As a fully automated sample-to-result system providing DNA profiling for human identification, RapidHIT pushes the envelope in terms of deployment capability. For example, DNA laboratory instruments requiring controlled environment aren't designed for use in the field. RapidHIT, on the other hand, can be transported by air or road for use in hostile regions, providing on-the-spot access to DNA processing capabilities when time is critical. In the case of natural disasters, the RapidHIT System can begin processing samples within 60 minutes of placement at a site, enabling victims to be quickly identified from collected DNA samples. 

Of course, this deployment flexibility and ease-of-use also means that access to RapidHIT must be protected to ensure that only those authorized to use the device do so. As you would expect from Morpho, RapidHIT has an extensive range of security features to protect individual privacy. As well as a range of features that control access to the device, the functionality each user can access and logging specific activity, RapidHIT also protects personally identifiable information derived from DNA samples. 

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