Powerful, flexible and scalable application for managing a network of intelligent biometric devices

SecureAdmin™ is built for secure Physical Access Control and is Time & Attendance ready for integrated workforce management.
It delivers ease of use and flexibility for enrollment of users and management of biometric terminals.

SecureAdmin™ is designed for the Bioscrypt 4G range and is compatible with the Morpho 3D Face Reader™ and the MorphoAccess® SIGMA devices.
SecureAdmin Lite™ is designed specifically for the Bioscrypt 4G Lite™ range.

  • Unmatched Power
    Take biometrics access control to the next level of truly connected and intelligent security appliances
  • Effortless to Use
    Intuitive interface and controls for personnel and administrators
  • Designed for Flexibility and Scale
    Address different deployment scenarios, changing business requirements, and future growth
  • Innovations that Lower Cost of Ownership
    Best practices driven and streamlined navigation saves time.
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