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Sustaining a high degree of technological excellence requires diverse talent. Whether you are a student, recent graduate or an experienced professional, and whether you are in R&D, production, product support or sales, a wide range of career opportunities await you at Safran Identity & Security.


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In the context of the system and equipment design of the Group, you will define with the client the specifications of the software.

You will design, simulate, create and test software in accordance with the specific rules and regulations of the domain. You will help to define and set up the software methods and tools.

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Lina Lopez and Romain Baussant / integration engineers at Morpho.

Integration engineers compare notes

How would you describe your job?

L. Lopes: Our role is to integrate latest-generation software subsystems within an overall system, as well as checking the operation of the end-product and how well it meets customer requirements. For instance, take the integrated system that Morpho delivered to Chile, for the issuance of secure passports and ID cards. Our job was to ensure the coordination and digital continuity between the enrollment, central data processing, formatting and document printing phases, prior to validation.

R. Baussant: Even more specifically, we first define a strategy and test scenarios, then carry out these tests on test benches at Morpho, leading to initial qualification. We then install a pre-production platform at the customer's, to check our applications under real conditions, especially for the interfaces. At this point,, production can start; this is a very complex activity, during which integration engineers are highly mobilized to limit system down time. Afterwards, we "hand off" to the support teams.

Who do you work with on a daily basis?

R. Baussant: In fact, we're halfway between project development and management, and we report regularly to the latter. We also transmit information to the support teams when integrating software at the customer's to familiarize them with the product. In some cases, we also work directly with Morpho's local subsidiaries.

What type of skills are needed in this job?

L. Lopes: Above all, versatility! Our work covers a number of areas, including development, databases and installation. Which means we have to master all of these technologies, although without necessarily being experts. Over and above this technical base, we have to be rigorous, know how to manage our activities, and also have good relationship skills, because we're in regular contact with both customers and our colleagues in-house.

What do you like about your job?

L. Lopes: It gives me an unrivaled opportunity to take part in a variety of missions and talk with many different people. There's also excellent career development prospects in both my company and Safran.

R. Baussant: I had the opportunity of joining Morpho after a three-year apprenticeship at Sagem. My current job allows me to travel, and to experience different cultures. Another important point for me is that Morpho, like Safran conveys a very dynamic, modern image, at the cutting edge of technology. We're very lucky to be able to develop our careers in the Group. 

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