Team And Support for Trust Services Solutions


Morpho's team is one of the largest in Europe to be dedicated solely to security and trust, meaning we draw on the highest level of skill and expertise possible in the field.

Team and Support
  • We know how to anticipate new needs and technological discoveries
  • We are on top of new regulations, standards and technologies, as soon as they're introduced
  • We liaise with regulatory agencies on a daily basis, monitor security intelligence and study the emergence of new vulnerabilities
  • Our team applies state-of-the-art approaches to development

Such investment in our work guarantees you:

  • Exceptional innovative capabilities
  • Unequaled security and quality
  • Products that are always on the cutting edge (e.g. compliance, resistance, universality) and certified under the most rigorous standards

A committed team

We build close relationships with our clients, to become and remain the key partner for digital trust and security.

  • We work with you throughout your entire project, from design to deployment
  • We provide comprehensive maintenance to keep your solution operating over time and ensure it always meets your needs, even as they evolve
  • We offer highly responsive support (24/7, there when you need it) via a proven client management system (phone, email, help desk ticket interface)
  • We offer training sessions for your technical teams, so you can get the most out of Morpho's trusted platform

Partnerships with leading integrators
Morpho also works with major integrators to powerfully combine their expertise in different businesses with our excellence in the areas of security and trust.



Our team has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to responsively and successfully implement the digital workflows and processes our clients need to go paperless.

Project Management Assistance

We work with you from start to finish:  

Understanding and defining your business environment:

  • To hear your business needs and identify any other needs
  • To define functional specifications

Understanding and defining your technical environment
Preparing or updating documentation, for example:

  • Product documentation
  • Signature and signature verification policies
  • Timestamping policy and TSA practice statement

Setting up server and client modules

  • Installation, configuration, acceptance

Organizing training sessions and demonstrations
Providing support for commissioning
Maintaining the solution in operational condition and opening a help desk

We follow this global approach regardless of whether the solution is deployed in-house or used in SaaS mode from our platforms.

From kick-off to support, we consider quality from a project-wide standpoint to guarantee your satisfaction:

  • Top-grade, compliant services

  • High-quality, accessible documentation
  • Timely execution, meeting deadlines and major milestones



Our team has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to responsively and successfully implement the digital workflows and processes our clients need to go paperless.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Our team is highly experienced in maintaining trusted applications based on Morpho products.

We support you over the long term to effectively satisfy your needs by providing applications that:

  • Fully address new needs that change over time
  • Provide high-performance, available services at all times
  • Are constantly state-of-the-art

Our maintenance services include:

  • Corrective maintenance, to resolve any major or minor faults
  • Upgrades, to meet new functional and technical needs

Morpho offers three maintenance packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum) so you can choose the level of service you need (up to 24/7 availability, with teams on standby at night and on weekends and holidays).

Corrective and upgrade maintenance services are delivered using a dependable, proven support infrastructure that guarantees exceptional customer service.

Comprehensive maintenance and support services are available for both licensed products and SaaS solutions.




To ensure we offer you excellent service, Morpho provides a sophisticated technical support function.

 You can contact Morpho's teams at any time using the dedicated infrastructure:

  • Request action after a fault occurs
  • Request technical assistance
  • Ask about product or system operation or use
  • Request technical and functional upgrades

Morpho's technical support infrastructure includes:

  • A dedicated support portal, specific to you, through which you can communicate with Morpho, report incidents and monitor incident resolution
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Dedicated email support

In turn, Morpho's support team uses this extensive support infrastructure to provide assistance:

  • Receive, analyze and direct all client requests (e.g. for action following a fault, technical assistance, questions, technical or functional upgrades)
  • Process and respond to all client requests
  • Drive technical and functional upgrades and changes, drawing on its expertise and monitoring

Depending on the service level you choose, support can be available up to 24/7, with access to standby teams at night and on weekends and holidays.


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