Ensuring trusted authentication and transactions online

If we are a worldwide leader in digital security, it's because we deliver trust in a digital world whose rapidly changing nature makes security and data confidentiality primary goals.

Centered around digital ID and versatile strong authentication Morpho combines leading biometric identification, flexible secure elements and server based services for secure online transactions, contracting and digital signature – services useful to the banking and insurance sectors as well.

Our technology and digital expertise shapes payment, telecoms, insurance and other business markets that rely on digital security. For  example, we provide solutions that enable customers in the telecom industry to offer secure mobile services. The portfolio includes all components involved in secure elements, lifecycle management and beyond; including the platforms and solutions used to manage secure customer registration and authentication.
As a leading player in the payment business, we offer financial institutions an innovative portfolio ranging from classic smart card technologies, cutting-edge mobile payment and e-banking services to online payment security.

By managing the entire digital identity chain, from identification to trust services, Morpho helps you establish the security and build the digital trust that are essential for developing electronic exchanges. Digital transformation offers incredible opportunities for developing new services for citizens and consumers, growing your company for capitalizing on the digital revolution and increasing efficiency.

  • 3+ million
    smart cards
    produced per day
  • 60
    Digital Signatures per Year
  • 50
    Of Data Traced and Archived per Day
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